Toad Edge®

Simplified database development tool for MySQL and Postgres. Supports Windows and Mac.

Product Highlights

Object Management

Object Management

Obtain detailed information about your databases, and add, edit or remove records. Edit database objects stored in your database; display object scripts and export them to Worksheet.

Content Assist

Content Assist

Write SQL scripts and edit JSON data with ease using Content Assist (also known as Intellisense). This tool automatically suggests keywords or templates you might want when you’re working with Worksheet or JSON.

Schema Compare

Schema Compare

Compare and synchronize databases using Schema Compare. Generate and export change scripts for target and source databases, save results and much more.

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Advanced features are available to users with Trial or Commercial licenses.

Key Features

SQL Worksheet

Write complex SQL code quickly and easily in Worksheet with Content Assist.

Privilege Management

Grant and revoke user privileges for any object on several levels using a convenient interface. View privileges from user or object point of view. Specify wildcard pattern privileges and proxy privileges.

Advanced JSON Support

Both Postgres and MySQL (with version 5.7) support for a native JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data type. In addition to supporting, viewing, and editing JSON, Toad Edge provides productivity aids such as Content Assist and Quick Fix.

SQL Query Monitor

View the history of both internal and user executed queries. Copy the log or export executed SQL scripts to a file.


Export and import data easily – export table/view records or query results. Import data from SQL, CSV files, or ZIP archives with SQL/CSV content.

Database Snapshot

Store snapshots of your database structure at a specific time in JSON files. Compare and synchronize snapshots with the current state of your active database using Schema Compare. Export the snapshot SQL script to a file, clipboard or Worksheet.

Jenkins Support

Manage your DevOps workflows with Jenkins Continuous Integration plug-in.

Open Source Databases

Toad Edge supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and EDB Postgres.  Redshift is also supported in Beta mode.

Toad Edge

Simplified database development tool for MySQL and Postgres. Supports Windows and Mac.



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