Toad® DevOps Toolkit

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Product Highlights

Integrates database tasks into your DevOps workflow

Integrates database tasks into your DevOps workflow

Make database development, testing and deployment tasks part of the DevOps workflow. Meet project deadlines across application and database deployment.

Integrates with current DevOps processes

Integrates with current DevOps processes

Works smoothly with leading continuous integration and continuous delivery tools, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Team Foundation Server.
Assures quality and maintainability

Assures quality and maintainability

Ensure functional correctness by running unit tests for all PL/SQL code in the build and reviewing pass/fail status. Perform static code reviews based on a pre-defined Code Analysis rule set, and review the pass/fail status of quality level in the build based on predefined thresholds. Report content provided to the build process in a variety of formats, including HTML and JSON.

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Key Features

Faster DevOps pipeline

Synchronizes database and application changes within your DevOps process to ensure your deployment deadlines can be met.

Reduce code defects in production

Leverages Toad’s PL/SQL unit testing capabilities during an automated build process to keep defects out of the DevOps pipeline.

Static code reviews

Improve quality and maintainability by performing static code reviews based on a pre-defined Code Analysis rule set, and review the pass/fail status of quality level in the build based on predefined thresholds.

Database schema and data compare

Compare database configurations, schema objects and table data between source and target databases (such as dev and test), and generate sync scripts.

Script execution

Promote build artifacts into the target environment as part of your continuous delivery (CD) process.

Easy deployment

Runs on any Windows machine connected to your build automation server and minimizes disruption to your existing DevOps processes.

Jenkins Support

Manage your DevOps workflows with Jenkins Continuous Integration plug-in.

Toad DevOps Toolkit

Speed up your DevOps pipeline



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