Benchmark Factory® for Databases

Database performance and code scalability testing

Product Highlights

Standard benchmark testing

Standard benchmark testing

Determine system throughput and capacity for database systems by performing industry standard benchmark testing. Catch issues before they happen by finding applications that don’t scale well with an increased number of users.

Workload replay testing

Workload replay testing

Replay real production transaction workloads on non-production environments whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Identify system capacity and performance bottlenecks before they occur. Do what-if analyses using actual transaction workloads. Validate that databases will scale as user loads increase, application changes are made, and platform changes are implemented.

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Key Features

Benchmark Factory Console (Desktop Application)

Create, run, and review jobs (tests). Deploy agents, access test results and reports.


Use the vast amount and variety of statistics in Benchmark Factory’s library to measure, analyze, and predict the capacity of a system. Benchmark factory collects and stores overall server throughput (measured in transactions per second, bytes transferred, etc.) and detailed transaction statistics by individual workstation producing a load.


Agents simulate virtual users and send transactions to the system-under-test (database).

Run Reports

Benchmark Factory Run Reports is a separate component used to view the detailed test results in a report format. Open Run Reports from the Benchmark Factory console or from the Start menu.

Platform Support

Supports a wide range of database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP, MySQL, and Postgres. Also supports additional platforms via ODBC connectivity.

Benchmark Factory for Databases

Database performance and code scalability testing



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Benchmark Factory for Databases

Save time troubleshooting production issues, and quickly implement new applications.

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