Justify Toad for Oracle

Welcome…  We’ve collected some useful resources that you can use to justify the purchase of Toad for Oracle. These items can help you convince your manager or director of the product’s business value in five key areas:

  1. Controls costs: Drive down database license, hardware and operating costs by lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Oracle, by making users more productive and the DBMS more efficient
  2. Increases quality: Improve the quality of backend code and streamline & automate processes, improving performance and availability
  3. Reduces risks: Mitigate risk associated with database changes and manual errors to improve efficiencies and meet SLAs
  4. Efficiently leverages labor: Enable your teams to do more and leverage current skills on additional databases or platforms
  5. Helps you gain a competitive advantage: Investigate, understand and navigate new/emerging data technologies with a community of database experts and familiar tools

Forrester Research Case Study

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, a large health benefits provider saved nearly $6.7M and delivered an astounding 509 percent ROI over five years with Toad® for Oracle.

Case Study

Toad Benefits Calculator

This is a great tool for calculating your Return-On-Investment from purchasing Toad for Oracle.

It also calculates, based on your input, the payback period and cost savings you can expect by using Toad.

Toad for Oracle value over Oracle SQL Developer